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Nickname created by ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd targeted at Wrestling Fans. Nothing more immature than a middle aged man calling a group a people "booger eaters".
Colin Cowherd: Wrestling Fans are nothing but booger eaters.
Me: I'm a wrestling fan and I've never eaten a booger since I was 10. I wouldn't call anyone a booger eater with your face. It looks like you've been eating boogers for the past 40 years!
by BMAC4395 July 06, 2011
Probably the most overated sport ever. Consists of two tattooed and brainless men/women fighting in an octagon/ring/mat with no regard for human life. Humans weren't made to kick eachother's ass.
MMA FAN: Hey want to watch some UFC?
Me: Nah, I'd rather watch fake wrestling. I don't know what's so great about UFC. If I want to see a fight, I can just go to the flagpole after school.
by BMAC4395 May 10, 2011
World Wrestling Entertainment. The Largest Pro Wrestling Company in the World featuring incredible athletes, storylines, and drama. Wrestlers in this company put their bodies on the line 365 Days a year to entertain their fans. They also support countless charities including The Make a Wish Foundation. WWE also holds a Tribute to the Troops show every year. Show some respect.
Hater: Why you such a loser, WWE ain't no sport!
Wrestling Fan: Yes, it is indeed a sport. It clearly states in the dictionary that a Sport is an physical activity engaged in for pleasure. Wrasslin' fits that definition perfectly.
by BMAC4395 July 06, 2011

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