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Someone who loves peanut butter more than anything else in the world. Will eat any amount of peanut butter to satisfy their crazy craving for the stuff. Similar to a crackhead needing more crack.
Rosa, a peanut butter addict, loved peanut butter so much that she sold her car to buy a life time supply of peanut butter.
#peanut butter #butter #peanut #addict #crazy
by BM1985 March 06, 2006
A 16 year old girl who is in love with tupac. Own's several items related to tupac and annoys co-workers about him. Also, doesn't understand that he is dead and thinks he's alive still.
Anna, a tupac lover, told Mike that he is still alive. Mike doubted this finding and made fun of Anna.
#tupac #lover #anna #mike #stupid
by BM1985 March 06, 2006
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