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When someone punts the burning end of a blunt or joint into their mouth and blows into your mouth...you get a huge hit.
Yo, give me a shotty, bitch.
by Blunt April 28, 2003
Meaning scared, or nervous of the situation or surroundings.. It is a jail term used in Toronto canada, and assumed to be used elsewhere..
"yo, look at that kid, he straight bummy.."
"I'm-a roll on that bummy dawg.."
by BLuNT April 12, 2005
Term used to describe weed in Toronto canada..
"a'yo dawg, you got any grains fa sale.."
by BLuNT April 12, 2005
IF you work in sales.. chances are, your the worst one. Mike Robertson is the worst one. ATI is the worst one. And utimatly "having to find yourself" is the WORST ONE.
Salesmen: You should use a regulator on that baby.
Me: I hate you, your the worst one
by BLunT June 17, 2003
A term used to describe the police.
"yo dip, the boy-dem comin'.."

"yea yo, i seen the boy-dem on beat round the corner dawg, let's bounce from this spot.."
by BLuNT April 12, 2005
one who is a bitch and gets in someone else business.
Get the fuck out of my fukin room you fukin dickblock!
by blunt March 19, 2005
person who screws up the life of other people by getting in their business and being a bitch.
Get out of my room you fukin dickblock!
by blunt March 19, 2005
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