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Consisting solely of a trained monkey and a steady source of ice cold high-quality ale or lager, the Trunkmonkey lives in the trunk of any vehicle and helps to automate weight transfer at the rear wheels during spirited driving maneuvers. Trunkmonkeys distribute ballast in the trunk of a car to compensate for body roll going through corners and powerslides. Trunkmonkeys are also responsible for keeping body roll to a minimum when getting the vehicle airborne during rallies and other offroad events.

Originally developed for Subaru models, STIT (Subaru Trunkmonkey Inertia Technology) is currently being developed for other platforms. (trunkmonkey.com)
Me: Alex, how did your RS beat that Lotus in the autocross?

Alex: IDK, i guess my trunkmonkey kept me stuck around the corners and gave me the extra boost i needed.
by BLo January 11, 2006

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