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1. When adults are playing mind games at a level similar to young children.

2. An underground word used by 1337 hackzors at Ball State University to either A) Express how happy they are about back door trojan hacking your computer (or various other electronic device which they neither have the talent to hack or is even hackable), or B) That they are pwn'ing you in either a D&D or MMORPG game (typically WoW).
Adam: Man, why are you down so much tonight?
Zach: I don't know, since I went to J'Dubs and got crabs, Courtney hasn't been talking to me.
Adam: Oh, she is babygaming you so........hard.

Ben: YES! I"/\/\ so ubb3r 1337 i just leVel'd up. i'm now a dungeon master.
Bart: ye4h, w3ll i'm still level 99 babygame'n you nOOb.
by BLH December 09, 2006

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