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Used as a greeting or to attract someone's attention
Yo, suck this dick girl
by blahblah March 16, 2004
1) adj.- an axe murderer
2) {verb} - giving bush aids
i wanted to do kartikay.a
by BLAHBLAH March 19, 2005
Orange Jello
"I like my orangello orange."
by Blahblah September 28, 2003
act of dumping in toliet and not flushing, resulting in a pleasant surprise for the next user
I left a nice grumpy at my girlfriends house, it was classic.
by blahblah March 13, 2005
gay, fag, poofta, homosexual, likes boys, pedaphile.
crusca = gay!!!
by blahblah September 15, 2003
An illicit drug, especially marijuana
The cops found the dope I had hidden under my nuts
by blahblah March 16, 2004
the act of having sexual intercourse
Damn I need to get my leather
by blahblah March 13, 2003

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