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To hide in a motherfucking ditch and hop out when you see/hear someone coming then ask them for money. Once they say no, Debo they ass then KENYA the fuck out of there.
Dood@ i tried DIGGERING the other day but they smelled my black ass coming from a mile away.
by Blackmanjuice November 22, 2009
While running, drop your pants and aim. Starting wacking viciously and once near ejaculation, aim at your victim. Finally, bust a nut over your victim and get the fuck out of there.
Justin and Brandon: Awwwwshittt@#@@ look at Deni, he bout to do a nut and run. Deni: *Fap fap fap fap fap PEW PEW PEW* Random Chick: *SPEEERMREGARbLELELELL*
by BLACKMANJUICE November 24, 2009

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