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1) When you make so much money you take your girl out shopping and tell her to just throw it in the bag (she doesn't have to ask if he will buy it, or care about the actual cost.)

see Money aint a thing.
a girl u wank to: babe don't I look good in this gucci jeans
myself: *gets off cell, say what? just throw it in the bag~!
by bl1ng July 29, 2009
1) A handgun; fuck what you heard.
He pulled out his dillinger and shot him.
by BL1NG August 23, 2004
To give away someones personal information online; ie address, phone numbers, real name, ect.
nub: his address is...
1337: Dont drop docs on me you nub!
by bl1ng November 17, 2007
To get rid of someone; Dumping your girl/boyfriend.
I aired out my gurl cuz she wouldnt put out.
by BL1NG December 06, 2003
1) To fuck; analy.
I shaffed AFK's mother.
by BL1NG December 06, 2003
1) An underground East Coast record label that primarily focus' on upcoming local talent. Helping rap musicians put out a street demo which can be given to other larger record labels, in hope of getting professionally signed. 2) A code used in buying and selling illegally pirated CDs. Both created by an East born native, "BLiNG".
1) BLiNGReCoRDS got out my demo, now I'm signed to Interscope.
2) BLiNGReCoRDS babi, what you got for me?
by BL1NG November 19, 2003

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