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Eyesdropping is essentially eavesdropping with your eyes. When someone looks at something that is not theirs. The thing that the person is looking at does not necessarily have to be confidential but it just has to not be theirs like a computer screen or a cell phone.
"Raymond, stop eyesdropping, look at your own computer screen."
"Liz, don't you have better things to do than to eyesdrop?"
by Bkatz January 10, 2008
An abbreviation for "fake mets fan" or "fake jets fan."
This term is usually used when a fan to either the mets or the jets does something un-fan-like such as not knowing a player, not knowing a team fact or missing a game, etc...
"Yoni, your such a fets fan. How could you have missed that game?"
"How do you not know who the running back is Elliot? Your such a fets fan."
by BKatz September 30, 2007

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