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when playing an online multi-player first person shooting game like Halo 3, the "shit goose" player often looks around the map frantically as if he/she is about to pull off the most amazing kill ever seen. The "shit goose" is often seen being a try hard, and usually failing at anything admirable. Then is called a no-life BK, or bad kid,or randy,or garbage BR, or random loser, or randy johnson.
Player 1 "oh my god, look at that BAD KID over there, being a total SHIT GOOSE"
Player 2 "oh yeah, thats just 481. He's always shit goosin' it"
Player 1 "WoOoOOoOoOW!!! what a try hard SHIT GOOSE"
Player 2 "Yeah, thats 481 for ya, SHIT GOOSE champion of the world"
by BK Randyy May 12, 2010

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