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1. An idiot; generally: a person who is always wasting your time with their stupid, unattentive and redundant (i.e. repetitious) questions
2. An expletive relating to something banal, pathetic, or without consequence. Used similary to "Joe Shmo".

The word is formed by the condensation of "schmuck" (Yiddish for "dick") and "smote" (English for the past participle of the verb "to smite").
1. C.C. keeps coming over here to bother me with her nagging, "I'm going to ride your ass" questions. I wish I didn't work with such a shmote.
3. Let's say one client company, Shmote Investment Firm A, wanted to implement this functionality.
by BK Dymacel January 16, 2006
A violent criminal act that entails turning someone, usually an enemy, into a "chopped" and unrecognizable non-human state that highly resembles ground meat, or a hamburger. This can be accomplished via chainsaw, rocket launcher (e.g. DOOM), meat grinder (e.g You Can't Do That on Television), or placement of said enemy in the compactor of a large sanitation department vehicle.

Mainly used, however, as a description of how badly you are going to fuck someone up, usually in a preliminarily threatening way.
"If you burglerize, prepare to be burgerized"
by BK Dymacel March 18, 2007
a particular form of cock block in which someone lays down the mack of equal or superior effectiveness to someone else's already existing game-kickage to someone, usually in order to decrease their chances of scoring.
"So I was at this party. Greg was laying down the mack on Robin, but that interfered with my plans since I had been trying to work her for a while. So I laid the countermack on Greg. His game quickly dissolved as I proved him to be a giant mangina"
by BK dymacel August 17, 2007
HDD stands for Holding Dick Disorder -- a particularly crippling and unpleasant psychological handicap demonstrated by a large number of unsophisticated, misogynistic, insecure and pushy members of society who have been brought up to revere excessively controlling and insecure male figures as primary role models in their early development/environment. Usually translated as machismo, the basic symptoms of HDD are as follows:

-the inability to separate one's brain from one's genitalia
-the propensity to perceive a concession of something(i.e. conceding a point, acquiescing an idea, agreeing to a compromise, admitting fault or wrongdoing, etc) as a direct threat to one's masculinity
-Frequent show off behavior, bragging, and need to prove oneself to one's peers (result of insecurity)
-Extreme confrontational behavior, low threat threshold, and especially in the presence of other male individuals
-Extreme homophobia, frequent homosexual jokes, usually resulting from super-closeted homosexual tendencies that are improperly dealt with in psychosexual development
-Frequent inability to reach agreements with people, notorious inflexibility in interpersonal relationships due to a need to control, lack of self knowledge, etc.
-generally described as "asshole"

People with HDD may be male or female, but the most frequent victims are male and of low-class backgrounds. The best remedy for HDD is a giant kick in the nuts.
Dude, that guy trying to get into a shouting match with me over who was a better driver...total HDD.
by BK dymacel January 13, 2006
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