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Something you put your spaghetti in before you cook it.
Sam: Dude, are you making spaghetti?
Larry: Yeah.
Sam: Cuz, dude, you forgot the pot and there's spaghetti all over the stove.
Larry: Oh.
by BJrox October 22, 2007
1. A really good book series. Cecily von Zeigesar is a really good author. Even though Gossip Girl books are the number one banned book series or something.
2. A sucky tv series. Blake Lively (who played Bridget in the sisterhood of the traveling pants and had her picture on CosmoGirl) plays Serena van der Woodsen. Well, she tries. She absolutely sucks at it. Her voice is too breathy and everything for her to be a slutty, unpredictable it-girl. She's not even pretty.
Some girl plays Blair Waldorf and does an excellent job. They messed up Nate, Jenny, Dan and Dan's dad. Chuck Bass is really good and they took a character very important to the story, Vanessa.
1. These Gossip Girl books rock!
2. This stupid tv show, Gossip Girl, is the crappiest show ever!
by BJrox October 20, 2007
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