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Language invented by Snoop Dog, used to utterly confuse everybody who isn't an urban black rapper.
White Person: So how are you doing today, black friend?
Black urbanite: OH, I'm fo schizzle my doggy bizzle... I hooked up with some hizzles and got some 40 ouncizzles and I'm going to fizzle those hizzles in their tight little vagizzles!
by BJman Hobbs April 30, 2004
Used in a Ludacris song called "Southern Hospitality" this word was used to describe his obvious rectal problems. Used best in a sentence after you just clogged a toilet.
Dizzle #1: OOOOH, I just dropped me some bombs on 'em.
Dizzle #2: Fo' schizzle, you need to buy some laxatives.
by BJman Hobbs April 30, 2004
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