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First off, all previous definitions of chud have been incorrect. Chud should be defined as follows:

1) Chud (ch-uh-d) N; The substance created when an uncircumcised man copulates with a menstruating woman who is suffering from a yeast infection, first anally, and then vaginally.

2) Chud (ch-uh-d) N; A combination of the following bodily fluids into one pasty substance: Excrement, menstrual blood, semen, shemegma (waxy foreskin buildup), and yeast infection discharge.

3) Chud (ch-uh-d) N; a delightful spread typically eaten in combination with crackers at wedding receptions.
1) "Hey Bob, Sarah and I made CHUD in the bedroom last night."

2)"I can't believe that much CHUD was produced from such a small amount of pumps."

3) "How do I get this CHUD stain out from my underwear?"

4) "Great reception Tom, Everyone really enjoyed eating the CHUD. Is that your wife's own recipe?"
by BJTGC January 26, 2009

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