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A group of males, usually 4 or more packed tightly into a vehicle. Typically are desperately hunting for a piece of ass riding the strip.
"Did you see those 8 guys packed into that jeep?" "Yeah...what a cock tank."
by BJStudd December 14, 2008
A person that wigs out a lot. Someone that wigs so easily that they cannot complete basic daily activities such as driving because they will wig.
"Hey is Trent going to drive us to the movie?" "No way man..he's a wig artist."
by BJStudd January 21, 2009
Any person, persons, or things, who is the cause or creator of a situation that would cause someone to "wig". A wigmaster can be anything and be found anywhere.
The director of this movie is such a wigmaster for creating it with all of these visual effects.
by BJStudd January 18, 2009

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