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Vagina, General Scottish insult instead of "fanny"
That guy just shat himself, what a fanwar.
by BJK 1690 August 11, 2007
Losing 4 (or more) times in succession to Rangers without scoring a goal. Also known as "Wattied"
Wee Chesney's team were Waltered by Walter Smith from 2007 onwards.
by BJK 1690 March 30, 2008
Used to describe a situation of severe anger or disappointment. Originated from frustration of playing Snooker and made up using the words "Bealing" and "Regina".
That was such an easy shot, I'm pure Bulina mate.
by BJK 1690 January 28, 2008
Scottish slang used to describe a situation of rage or anger.
That guy just slep with his best friends bird, hes going to be regina.
by BJK 1690 January 28, 2008
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