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The fattest seminary in the world. Girls who attend Michlalah are destined to be the fattest girls ever. If you meet a Michlalah girl, stand back, because you may be crushed by her enormity. If you are a Michlalah girl, you are one of the chosen fatties. You have permission to walk around saying, "Why yes, I AM a fat Michlalah girl!"
Just don't be surprised when people faint at the sight of you.
Yenta #1: Wow, look at her, she's such a Michlalah Girl!
Yenta #2: You're right, she's enormous...I need her to marry my elephant!
Yenta #1: Well too late--she's mine!
(fighting over Michlalah Girl)
by BJJchick March 25, 2009

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