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When u get a boner from nonstop extreme laughing
My friend told a joke and i laughed so hard for so long i got giggliwood.
by BJCHRIS69 November 12, 2009
A word that we commonly use that is one of the hardest words out of the dictionary to spell correctly. Most people just use spell check to fix it, but without it spelling this word right is frustrating. A straight pain in the ass.
BEFORE: Therefore I gaurentee that the facts support my thesis.

F**K I never spell this word right, thank God for spell check.

After: Therefore I guarantee that the facts support my thesis.

Ah, there we go maybe I'll spell it right next time.
by BJCHRIS69 July 01, 2011
when a group of friends throws in a nice fat lip (chewing tobacco) and has some quality bonding time in which they talk about anything. Seshes can be held anywhere but are usually held in the bathroom stalls, cars, or in dorm rooms.
yo tyler wanna go have a sesh at lunch?

you up for a sesh?
by bjchris69 September 19, 2010

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