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Sexual intercourse involving three people (2 men and 1 woman) in which the two men are facing the woman and vice versa. This is to show the woman respect, as the male citizens of the great state of Alabama do daily (thus the name). As a result, "doggy style" is never used in this threeway. Possible positions include: one man engaging the woman in sex in the missionary position while the other man is receiving a blowjob from the woman, or the woman (while on her back) is being anally penetrated by one man, while the other is on top of her in the missionary position. There are other positions involving the woman being on top of one of the men, but it is important that all male parties are facing the woman at all time. Otherwise the proper amount of respect is not being shown. Ejaculating on the woman's face is generally done, but not mandatory.
"Kevin and Dave came over for an Alabama Threeway last night, but I nearly kicked Dave out when he tried to go in from behind. Doesn't he know I'm a lady?"
by BJ and the Bear February 29, 2012

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