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2 ounces. 1 finger = 1 ounce. Used when ordering a drink like a martini or shot.
"Hey barkeep...give me 2 fingers of gin and make it dirty"
by BIG E June 12, 2003
A common meeting place where people are known to act a fool and get wild. Foolin' is another popular activity among those that gather here.
Yo, come on up to the Treehouse and act a foo with all yo cousins.
by Big E November 22, 2003
Dank ass krypto that is hard to find anywhere.
"The one hit wonder"
by Big E April 22, 2003
1.A day in celebration of the pungent smell in a dorm room of left over nachos, sour cream, corona, and cuervo gold all with the lingering stench of puke, mexican style.
"Happy stinko de mayo, buuuuuuuuick!!"
by Big E April 01, 2004
When you be actin' a fool. Acting crazy, gettin' all wild.
Damn, you drank 3 40s and started tossin' bar stools, you be foolin' playa.
by Big E November 16, 2003
a gas that escapes from your pants without a sound. Usually catches people off guard and starts a gagging sensation.
Christ Jim...check your pants, those silent stalkers are making me gag.
by Big E October 29, 2004
The most talented rap band ever delivered to this Earth by God. The ones who speak for those who have not yet found their voice.
"This songs goes out to those with coke bottle glasses, all you lonely kids who were the last pick in gym classes. We got your back - detract your malefactors. All you up in the back, UNITE LIKE THUNDERCATS!" Preach on brothas!
by BIG E June 12, 2003
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