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derived from section 8 refers to someone who makes their home in a place not normally intended to house humans.
the manager at my storage said it was not section ate up housing and made me take down the doorbell and remove my welcome mat.
by BILLicitlY ilLEgAL August 19, 2008
refers to the drama that tends to accompany any individual involved in the world of illicit drugs.
watch out bro. these sktzr chicks seem harmless enough on the surface, but pavoratti aint got shit on the dope opera they be throwin down sometimes!
by BILLicitly ilLEgAL May 08, 2009
time earned by employees throughout the year that once accumulated can then be used at their discretion to validate abscence from work before going postal on an a dickhead boss.
my boss is all up in my shit lately. then he wants to cry talkin about "his job so stressful". he best chill back before i bust out with a couple weeks of dick leave on his ass! then he gonna see stressful for real when he doing BOTH our jobs!
by BILLicitly ilLEgAL May 22, 2009
any place chosen to park a vehicle briefly in order to spark up an illicit drug.
we cant park in back because thats where the kids hang. the father parks next to the statue so thats out. so getting a sparking spot behind the bus is critical because if not we have to burn down before we go. that adds drive time and i can barely stretch my buzz to make it through the sermon as it is man! not to mention sunday school!
by BILLicitlY ilLEgAL February 11, 2009
a reverance for the power of wealth women possess that enables them to overlook a prospective mates flaws by focusing instead on his financial status.
here it is, hugh hefner is currently dating 19 yr old twins and has nonstop blondes all up on his sack religiously while oprah would have to ambush a slow midget in a wheel chair to get laid and baby got sack for days!
by BILLicitlY ilLEgAL April 26, 2010

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