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Employees of Electronic Arts, a video game company with studios all over the world. They favor paying their employees with bagels and Coca-Cola and forcing them to sleep in the office rather than providing them with a living wage.
When you walk through the parking garage you see all of the nice cars belonging to upper management. It's not until you attend a company function offsite that you see all of the crappy cars that the slaves are forced to drive.
by Billy-Ray November 08, 2004
Electronic Arts - a video game company with studios all over North America. They're known for paying their employees next to nothing while they rake in billions and billions of bucks themselves.
Those guys at EA are such cheap bastards; their employee slaves are forced to sleep on the floor in the office because they can't afford any housing.
by Billy-Ray November 08, 2004
no definition is worthy of the D-ware
also see D-warian
1. D-warian: noun; some one from D-ware
"hey were from rfms, where do we go d'ware losers?"
"bow down before us u mere mortals"
"yes masters"
-regular visitor conversations
by BILLY-RAY December 02, 2003
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