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hip-hop had some cred...
But modern American rap is crap. I make beats and have met with and worked with enough people to see that a lot of these guys think they can do it. They are right and wrong. It seems the African American male community has a false sense of pride in everything they do... its like no one knows when they suck. But yeah that doesn't matter when you have the cash to get in the studio and someone sells you a really phat beat that makes ur song... But yeah don't accuse me of being racist...its the same with these wiggers, except it's even funnier! I wish rap would promote a better vocabulary. Sometimes I have to curb what I say because I hang out with people who speak terribly. It might be cool when you are chillin on the street shootin dice but not when you are talking to the Executive Director! Remember back when hip hop was popular and you never had to look up lyrics because they always used real words? Anyway...heres some proof that a lot of things about rap sucks. Lil Wayne definately has a catchy style but I wouldn't call this intelligent or deep. I think the beat made the song anyway.

bitch im paid, thats all i gotta say
cant see my lil nigga, the money in the way
and im, im sittin high, a gansta ride blades
if you aint gone ride fly than you might as well hate
shit i gotta eat... even though i ate
it aint my birthday but i got my name on my cake
believe that, if ya mans wanna play
imma fuck around and put that boy brains on the table
so pick 'em up, pop 'em let 'em lay
where im from we see a fuckin dead body everyday
thats, uptown, throwin stuff at 'em
niggaz talk about me im throwin shots back at 'em
bitch im a pipe, and she like a crack attic
and she saw me cookin EGGS and she though i was back at it
i grab the keys, hoe i gotta go
i got my motorcycle jacket and my motorcycle loafs
by BILDO! November 05, 2006

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