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12 definitions by BIGFOOT

drink alcoholic beverages /drinking alcoholic beverages, for the purpose of intoxication; get drunk/the process of getting drunk (From "Turning one's glass/can up ;To raise a glass/can in drink
"God, I made a FOOL out of myself last night and trashed the Camaro, but , what the hell, I was turning, so, it was fun...I think..."
by BIGFOOT October 25, 2003
one who is tall hairy wears larges shoes socks has large hands and of course has a long D#@^
Wow he has a bigfoot or Hey look it is bigfoot
by bigfoot January 16, 2004
its me I'm BIGFOOT/BIGBEN69 one of the coolist fuckers on the face of the earth
the tall guy guy that lives in colorado
by BIGFOOT November 29, 2004
Magazines or catalogues, large classified publications ("Hemmings Motor News", for example), with cars (uaually including photographs) depicting/describing very attractive or desirable cars (The automotive equivalent of Playboy, Pelthouse, etc.)to car buffs/gearheads/automobile enthusiests
"Theres NOTHING but rerun crap on TV, I'm just gonna grab a beer and curl up with a nice CAR FUCKBOOK...the new issue of "Automobile" arrived today! I can't WAIT!!!"
by BIGFOOT October 25, 2003
something in a guys pocket
i know what ure thinkin it is a 1 kilo chubb chubb
by bigfoot January 16, 2004