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12 definitions by BIGFOOT

1.a "boy"/young man strictly for the purpose of sex; a "disposable "fuck-buddy", male, usually passive 2. a "prison bitch"
"Well, it doesn't matter whether he enjoyed it , or even if he's coming back for his shoes, he's just a fuckboy"
by BIGFOOT October 24, 2003
169 171
one who is tall hairy wears larges shoes socks has large hands and of course has a long D#@^
Wow he has a bigfoot or Hey look it is bigfoot
by bigfoot January 16, 2004
4 14
its me I'm BIGFOOT/BIGBEN69 one of the coolist fuckers on the face of the earth
the tall guy guy that lives in colorado
by BIGFOOT November 29, 2004
2 19
Magazines or catalogues, large classified publications ("Hemmings Motor News", for example), with cars (uaually including photographs) depicting/describing very attractive or desirable cars (The automotive equivalent of Playboy, Pelthouse, etc.)to car buffs/gearheads/automobile enthusiests
"Theres NOTHING but rerun crap on TV, I'm just gonna grab a beer and curl up with a nice CAR FUCKBOOK...the new issue of "Automobile" arrived today! I can't WAIT!!!"
by BIGFOOT October 25, 2003
1 24
something in a guys pocket
i know what ure thinkin it is a 1 kilo chubb chubb
by bigfoot January 16, 2004
2 39