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"Is this Bolton or isn't it?!"
"Yes it is how can I help ya?"
"But I was just in here an hour ago and you said this wasn't 'Bolton'"
"No, no, no. That was a pun"
"What kind of a pun is that?"
"No, no. I-its one of those words that are spelled the same forwards and backwards."
"A palindrome?"
"Yes that's it!"
"But that's not a palindrome! The opposite of 'Bolton' is 'Notlob'!"
by Big-D November 21, 2004
1) A University in Eastern Kentucky
2) act of giving or recieving another blowjob
1) Tony is on the bowling team at Morehead.
2) Hey Trina, give me some morehead.
by BIG-D October 23, 2003
Shitlicious: something that tastes so nasty, it tastes like shit (which I hope no one actually KNOWS what shit tastes like except if you eat something shitlicious)
Mmm...That Jimmy Dean sausage I found floating in the toilet was shitlicious!
by Big-D November 18, 2004
another, some more.
Andre exclaimed, "Bring some modem hoes wit you to the bed."
by BIG-D October 08, 2003
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