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The greatest internet station EVER!!! (Also available on Sky digital - channel 887)
I heard that song on 1xtra its off the hizzle
by Big Fan October 31, 2003
a term meaning to please your woman 100% of the time
i've dated my woman for 6 months now and i have gave her a schleuning everytime
by BIG fan January 12, 2005
only one of the best, up and comming hard rock bands around.\
HEY, fuckers did ya goto that drill show last night ? That light show they had was fucking awesome.
by BIG fan January 12, 2005
The most frequent responce to Karl when his mouth opens and words come out.
Karl: "I am a good foosball player"

Anyone: GET A LIFE!!!
by big fan February 06, 2003
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