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The definition of a good wide reciever. He talks the talk, and can back that shit up, because he has amassed over 1,100 receiving yards in each of four seasons in the NFL. There is only one real Ocho Cinco baby, and he is here to stay.
There are three things guaranteed in life:
1) Death
2) Taxes
3) Number 85 will ALWAYS be open

Here's a question, take your time, its a tough one.
How do you stop Number 85?
Answer: You can't baby, nothing can stop Chad Johnson.
by BIG YETI DICK November 09, 2006
How the word "fuck" sounds coming out of a chinese man's mouth.
I lost my car keys, Fruck!!!

hello there baby, wanna Fruck?
by BIG YETI DICK November 29, 2006
A girl who is really dirty. Almost like a smelly pirate hooker, but worse.
Damn homie look at that nasty bitch!

Yeah Dude! Shes a real MegaHo Monster
by BIG YETI DICK January 18, 2007
Big Ass Titties.
A phrase to say when you see a chick with huge knockers.
Alex: Ohh damn son, look at that girl! 10's and 50's, BIG ASS TITTIES!

Nunzio: I Love Boobies!
by BIG YETI DICK December 19, 2006
another word for asshole,dumass, or any annoying person. Comes from an old Chinese saying.
Guy #1--Do you have tickets??, TO THE GUN SHOW!!!! HA HA HA!! GET IT!?!?!

Guy #2-- Dude you are such a fucking Linko Jinko.
by BIG YETI DICK November 09, 2006
To sink a long three pointer while playing basketball. When you hit enough of them, youre makin it look like it is rainin three pointers, hence the name. Many people also yell this while shooting.
Nunzio is always ready to make it rain while lacing up his kicks for Basketball.

(while shooting a three pointer) MAKE IT RAIN!
by Big Yeti Dick March 16, 2007

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