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6 definitions by BIG ROB

1. An unfavorable place or region, a backwater or insignificant place. A dive or undesriable business or establishment. 2. A bad part of something. 3. The worst part of a bad thing or place.
Oklahoma is the armpit of the midwest.
by Big Rob August 26, 2004
61 52
It's when ya belly hangs out father than ya thang do. Thang- penis
Its when your belly goes out father than your penis
by BIg Rob September 25, 2002
9 1
non-fat upper pussy mom i'd like to fuck sit on my face
Mrs. Frantz walked by and i said to my friend Dave, "nonfupmilfsomf!"
Dave nodded his head, "HELL YEAH!"
by BIG ROB January 22, 2004
3 3
no booty
It means a girl with no butty.
by BIg Rob September 25, 2002
12 21
Claiming is to proceed to hump the shit out of someone as an act of marking territory.
The defensive end claimed the shit out of the quarterback before running off the field.
by Big Rob October 30, 2004
9 24
Attracted to men.
Me "you do you go to the Atm" Him "yea"
than I leave laughing.
by BIg Rob September 25, 2002
15 60