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One who enjoyes the art of sucking ones penis. A person who would just about drop what ever they were doing to place another persons penis in there mouth.
That bitch was one cock sucking slut.

That cock sucking slut about sucked the skin off of my cock man.
by BIG NUTS January 11, 2005
A female who is most likely willing to have sexual intercourse with anyone willing and ready. Someone you may not respect or like. A booty call.
Fuck that sluty-bitch man, you can do much better.
by BIG NUTS January 11, 2005
A person with huge balls.

One who has much larger nuts than other people.
"That guy Dave has some huge nuts"
by BIG NUTS January 14, 2005
A person who can't get it up.

One who has a limp penis.
Your a fucking limp stick.
by BIG NUTS January 14, 2005
A person who has placed his penis in another persons rectom. Most of the time "brown stick" is refering to a homosexual male.
Get out of here you flaming brown stick homo.

That guy Ned is got to be packing a brown stick.
by BIG NUTS January 11, 2005
A male that has an obnormally small penis. A person that cannot quite satisfy his female campanion. Someone who does not have what it takes.
That guy on the back of the phone book must have a short stick.

Anyone who would drive a twin turbo Porsche must have a short stick and is trying to compensate.

That fucking Ned is a short stick.
by BIG NUTS January 11, 2005
When you go to your girlfriend's mother house during your lunch break or after work, and your fuck your girl's mom, while she is on her period. Afterwards, you leave the blood dried up on your dick and you make your girlfriend suck your dick...with her mother's blood still on it.
I saw Lindsay's mom at the mall today. Yeah, then I gave Lindsay a taste of the womb.

by BIG NUTS March 29, 2005

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