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2 definitions by BIG MIKE THE WIZARD

An unusually tall person who is a bordrline deformity in one or more ways. long legs, large hands, an enormous head, a deep sasquatch-like voice, or being a stoner hunchback are all characteristics of the modern day ticwomp.
1. one day i had mistaken clamshell greg for a high tension tower, he is one scary ass ticwomp bastard. the last time i seen him he snarled off somthing to the effect of AHAHBBBLGHRRGG!!!
2. lurch from "The Addams Family" is a classic example of a ticwomp
by BIG MIKE THE WIZARD November 16, 2006
An individual, primarily a female, who performs the act of fellatio upon one or more police officers
Sam's mom is such a blowpig, when his dad isnt home she is busy suckin off every cop in town.
by BIG MIKE THE WIZARD November 16, 2006