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A new, broader spectrum, definition of a classically defined word.
A fetish in this case is one of two things;
Either, an enjoyment of any deviance from societies percieved normal, of any nature.
Or an over-enjoyment, over-indulgence in something which is widely accepted as a normal within defined limits.
Or an action which is performed above and beyond normally expected limits, in any circumstances.
Over-enjoyment "Dude, you like your new xbox 360 WAY too much, i didn't see it before, but you've got a fetish"
Action beyond normal limits "That was some FETISH goal man, screamer from way outside the box!!!"
Enjoyment of deviance "Marriage? at our age? You've got some kind of fetish for weddings!"
Over-indulgence "2 Tubs of Ben and Jerrys ice-cream straight!? You've got a fetish mate"
by BIG Dave ;) June 23, 2006
The fetish box is a hypothetical container which everyone posesses. In this box is stored any item which, by the assossiated definition, is regarded as a fetish.
The fetish box is typically closed at any given time, though few rare circumstances can result in other people becoming aware of the (sometimes many) fetishes held within, this is "opening the fetish box".
The fetish box can also be used as a short term storage device for any comment, conversation or action which needs not be had at the time it is considered, in this case, the conversation, comment or action is "put in the fetish box"
"I cant do this right now, put it back in your fetish box"
"I cant believe you just went and opened your fetish box, what the hell were you thinking? I didn't want to know that man, far too much information"
"That's some kind of chronic weirdness man, dont tell anyone that ever again, put it in your fetish box"
by BIG Dave ;) June 23, 2006

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