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4 definitions by BIG 80085

When a male of over 65 years old swings his cock back and forth over a young woman's face until he cums. Which is almost always 12:00.
Hey did you hear he gave her the Grandfather Clock?
What time was it when he came?
by BIG 80085 March 09, 2010
Someone who annoys you.
Wow that black person is really a Nagger.
by BIG 80085 March 09, 2010
a giant red penis. if clifford the big red dog was a cock he would be a chergey. also likes latino women.
man i've got a hard-chergey thinking of that latino chick.
by BIG 80085 April 09, 2010
Flamboyant, homosexual, gay, fag. Pertaining to enjoying butt of the same sex. On some occasions can be seen in the corner of a basement room videotaping on his cellular device a hispanic boy plunging his genitalia into an overweight white girls throat. It is only a Jaxon though if the girl then gets on top and bleeds on the hispanic boys chest and then asks him what his name is. His name is almost always Efrain.
Wow he is such a Jaxon for being gay and videotaping that hispanic boy face bang that ugly white girl.
by BIG 80085 March 09, 2010