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wearing two towels while living the bath room after a shower. One for your small package and the other for your large man tits.
Randy is a two towel he has big man tits
by big mike November 14, 2003
heaven is like a fairy tale its somethin that older people tell you so you can be good and do no evil and some man or women got drunk one day and they thought that they was talkin to god but was really talkin to them selves and that is what made the bible so kids don't believe everything you hear its one thing that can currupt the mind.
"If you live your life in the name of god you go to heaven, If you sin you go to hell" thats all bullshit
by Big Mike February 01, 2005
When multiple people are smoking a hookah, and someone kills the suction from your hose by uncovering their hose. Causes the smoker to have a coughing fit. When a party foul occurs, the foul-ee gets a slap on the hand as a punishment.
I was taking a big hit off the hookah when some idiot committed a party foul and I almost died coughing
by Big Mike October 31, 2004
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