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someone or something that is very gangster or ghetto
damn that car is gangsterfied
by big mike November 15, 2004
Quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, best quarterback around, man who originated the "RothlisBURGER" sandwich at Pepi's in Pittsburgh, also know as Big Ben and Berger....o yea, GO STEELERS
Joe: Yo man you see B-RO's game last night?
Mike: Hell yea, he lit it up!!
by BIG MIKE April 18, 2005
going from place to place, sometimes in a frog-like fashion; "to go lily padding"; more commonly phrased as lets bounce, Let's blow this popsicle stand!, etc.
Dude, this party sucks... let's go lily padding until we find another party that isn't as lame.
by Big Mike February 21, 2005
See manzorn
one who is manzorn
by Big Mike January 31, 2004
one who's actions result in a woman scorn
she was crying so hard it made ME feel like a manzorn
by Big Mike January 31, 2004
to scream at someone
if someone do you wrong then you get angry and curse them out
by big mike April 10, 2003
Chick 1: Hey, what were you doing last night? I tried to call you.
Chick 2: I was totally hooking up with Willem Dafoe.
Chick 1: Oh man, that is so disgusting! Why would you do that?
Chick 2: There's nothing wrong with porking the prince!
#hooking up #banging the queen #kiss and tell #butterface #banging
by Big Mike April 22, 2006
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