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When Mario Lopez molestes you by touching your coconuts.
"Man I was walking down the street the other day and got Coco Lopezed out of no where, damn."
by Big E March 18, 2004
A superhuman sex being, made for pure lovemaking and satifaction. A dreamboat with a small unit.
Jackie: Have you seen reetchy in wentz lately?

Megan: Yah!! Isn't reechy a hunk? Too bad he's only got 3/4 of an inch to work with.

Jackie:Yah..he needs an extension
by Big E October 29, 2004
Dog turd's that are covered in their ass-fur. After they crust over, they make Chewbacca sounds when the lawnmower hits them.
Aw fuck! I ran over a wookey with the mower. *spit* The dust got in my mouth...Damn dog!
by BIG E June 12, 2003
thats wut she was screamin when i fucked her hard
when i was bangin that bitch all she was screammin was ohhhh yeah!
by Big E April 23, 2003
place where rednecks down portier rd go to worship at least 6 times a day off,and where most people down the road bring there dates for the first kiss
jimmy bring'in monna to dat there stop sign.
by BIg E October 15, 2004
a swamp donkey is a lazy or slow person who likes winking at people of the same sex.
she is such a swampdonkey pitchin woo on the job and not keepin up
by big e October 21, 2003
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