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A person with symptoms of multiple personality disorder who uses their multiple personalities to harass and annoy others online. A person who steals other people's work online and calls it their own under another one of their names.
Ashleigh is an ashole who used her multiple personality alias "Rusello" to write a bad review on many people's fanfiction and fanart. That ashole is making a lot of enemies online by taking other people's art and calling it her own. Ashleigh the ashole downloaded hentai anime for the pleasure of one of her multiple personalites named "Chris".
by BHart March 07, 2007
A person who spreads rumors/lies online about someone or their works. They mainly do this out of spite. They give an inaccurate and unfair view of how things really are.
Ashleigh went on a rampage and began bashing other people and their fanfics. She posted a bunch of lies about some fanfics online saying they were mary sues and that they ripped off her ideas. She's full of shit and people shouldn't listen to the garbage spewing out of her mouth. She is a major ashwipe.
by BHart August 08, 2007
The gene responsible for preventing breast development in women when they go through puberty. Women with this gene do not even need a training bra since their breasts are very tiny and almost non-existent. Very hard to distinguish their chest with that of a thin man's chest.
That poor Mecham girl over there never developed any breasts; it's that damned Andree's gene that got passed down to her. Maybe she should consider
getting implants.
by Bhart July 25, 2007
Any man who hates his own gender and believes that women, or anything female or feminine in nature is superior to men, or anything masculine or male. They think men are virtually worthless, abnormal weirdos with no character. They may go to somewhat extreme measures by threatening men who dare say anything contrary to their beliefs.
Kevin believes that women are perfect and can do no wrong. When another man in his ward got in an argument with a young woman and called her on her wrong doing and rude behavior, he got very angry and sent the young man to his office. Mr. Salmon proceeded to threaten to rip out the young man's throat if he didn't stop and even called the police. He banished the young man from the ward after berating him, and never wanted to see him again. That ward is infected with a salmonite bishop.
by BHart August 29, 2008
Pharmaceuticals that cause people to be bitchy, arrogant, snobbish, stuck-up and just plain rude. This may be either an intended effect of a medication or a side effect.
What the hell is the problem with that blonde? Is this how she usually behaves or is she on some kind of barbitchuate? Her doctor needs to stop prescribing those to her. She's intolerable to be around.
by BHart July 10, 2011
Any garbage can full of bitches. A dumpster where bitches are dropped in. Anyone that is so bitchy they've deemed themselves worthless like garbage.
That tall, flat-chested blonde is such a bitch. She turns her back to people when they try and talk to her with her nose stuck up high. She makes a point to walk the other way if she sees someone "inferior" walking towards her in a hallway. It is regrettable for anyone meeting someone like that. What a piece of garbitch. People like that belong in the garbitch.
by BHart July 15, 2011
Involves much lying, manipulating and deceit to destroy another's life. This goes beyond being bitchy, stretching into evil territory. Motivations for doing something like this vary: jealousy, revenge, or just being plain evil.
Tammy wanted to destroy her ex's life for good by teaming up with her daughter to make up false accusations which ended sending him to prison for life. They can pull a Bivins with amazing results. Don't go near them or you too may fall victim to their cunning and evil.
by BHart September 08, 2011

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