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The shittiest, most difficult high school in existence. The cheap ass administration highers fresh-out-of college, young, dumb ass teachers. These inexperienced teachers usually fail 50%+ of their class just because they can't fucking teach.

Some of the unfair, strict, and bullshit rules at BHS include:

-No D's (That's right, you either get a 70+ or you fail)

-Competencies, something that NO OTHER SCHOOL IN NEW HAMPSHIRE ENFORCES, that wreck your GPA and overall grades. You can have a 90% (A-) in a class, and still receive an NCF because you didn't pass 1/100 of your stupid little competencies.

-Longest school day in existence even after being cut down from last year. The day lasts OVER 7 HOURS.

-Block scheduling. Thought your class was boring as shit? Think again. Pump that 45 minute class to a massive 1 hour and 30 minute class filled with shitty busy work and cramming so that the teacher fills in all the time they don't need.

-Real World Learning hours. As a student attending BHS, you are forced against your will to do community service, career exploration, and other pointless shit if you want to graduate. You need over 80 hours of this stupid shit if you ever want to see your diploma.

Officially the worst school to ever hit the U.S.A.
Student: Hey, can I get some extra credit please? I have a 69 in chemistry and one more point and I'll pass the class. I've done every single homework assignment but I'm having some trouble on the tests/quizzes. After all the extra help it still isn't sticking. Bedford High School is really tough. Please?

Teacher: Sorry, you should of done better on the material I never taught you about. You should know all this college-level science, come on. See you next year in my class again. I love Bedford High School.
by BHSFuckingSucks April 10, 2010

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