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A sexual act in which a man pulls out, cums in his hand, and throws it in the girls face in a fashion similar to spiderman shooting webs.
My girlfriend likes it when i cum on her face, so i think i'm going to spidy her tonight
#facial #cumshot #spidied #face shot #jizz #emril
by BH Steamer September 25, 2006
To take ones scrotum and slide it along a girls body, usually her face, leaving a trail of sweat.
I wnt to snail my girl, but last time i tried, she said, "I'm not really comfortable with this,". So i put my balls in her mouth to shut her up!
#snail trail #slug #blowjob #mushroom stamp #ball sack #scrotum #nut sack #nuts #sweaty balls
by BH Steamer September 25, 2006
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