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People in today's world believe that to be preppy you need to wear certain clothes. That is not true at all. Preppy is a lifestyle. Growing up in a quaint New England town, going to private school and when you get to high school you go off to a boarding school. You do sports like Sailing, Skiing, Polo, Tennis, Squash, Golf, and Horseback Riding. When summer comes you enjoy going away for weekends with your friends and family on your boats and or your summer home and while growing up you get a small boat such as a boston whaler. You enjoy music such as Jack Johnson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, G-Love and the Special Sauce, Bob Marley, Sublime, O.A.R., Matchbox Twenty, etc. Preps enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. Many are also conservative and they are very polite people. When you speak about clothing many people believe that Hollister and Abercrombie and American Eagle are preppy. Thats not true. Real preps wear cloths such as Vineyard Vines, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lilly Pulitzer, J. Crew, Nantucket Reds, Musto, Henri and Lloyd, Gill, North Face, Spyder, Nautica, etc. For shoes Top-Siders, and Rainbow or Reef Flip Flops. They are members of there local yacht club and meet many of their friends there. For cars preps drive Audi's, Volvo's Saab's, Mercedes-Benz's, and BMW's. we also own apple computers and what not. Preps are not a superficial people. They just enjoy having very nice, and reliable things that they know will last them a very long time. We come from families known to most as Old-Money families.Hopefully you will know start to understand preps a little better.
Fake Prep: Yea i spent all of my money at the mall buying stuff from hollister and spent the rest of my night talking badly about other people at the mall while i was there.

True Prep: Well i just got back, me and the family went to Martha's Vineyard for the weekend with some friends.
by BGL February 16, 2008

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