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A rapper from Flatbush,Brooklyn who has some pretty nice lyrics
Red Cafe-Dolla Bill

You order, I deliver like labor
I be the waiter uh! The bartender, uh!
The reason your girl "Gone 'till November", uh!
Wifey burglar-ra, I be servin ya
Rihanna on the hook, the "murderer", gets it (On!)
My girls be on Pa (Tron!)
My exit's on the throne, cameraman take a flick (Click!)
I’m "Rich, Boy" "Thew' D's on a b****!" (Click!)
I get it raw like Wh-Wh-Whitney (What else?)
My hair bald like Br-Br-Britney (what else?)
Arm & Hammer, got the meanest leans
So I got a lotta sons, the Phoenix team, uh!
by BFOST August 29, 2009

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