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cuase of sudden GPA drops in highschools across the world.
little billy was a straight A student, turned in his work on time, always on time for school, and never fell asleep in class.
little billy now is a nocturnal energy drink chugging pasty white as snow trash talking FIEND that goes by an alias known only to him and other xbl affiliates.

lil billy will be missed.....

by BE_PREPARED! September 25, 2007
mind control word from teh popular game Bioshock.
if you havent played bioshock, its basically a phrase
"Atlas" or fontaine says that makes the main player
do what he asks, disguised as a way of saying please.

would you kindly 1up this?
after the first 15 times of atlas saying would you kindly
i knew there was something more behind that phrase.

*later in the game*

by BE_PREPARED! September 22, 2007
proof that Christianity has a metal side
dood did you know that As I Lay Dying is a christian band?!

They Are?!?!

by BE_PREPARED! August 02, 2007
another way of saying good night
at the end of the night i usually end a conversation
by saying g.nite
by BE_PREPARED! August 18, 2007
1. acronym for Would You Kindly

2. polite way of asking for something

3. brain control key word from bioshock used by Fontaine or "Atlas".... thats bastard!

1. wyk tell me whats goin on

2. wyk hand me that

3. would you kindly pick up that shore way radio
by BE_PREPARED! August 26, 2007
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