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The most acceptable forms of payment for the favor of being given a ride to any destination. Roughly translates to: money, weed, or sex (oral sex is also acceptable). Gifts should be given promptly and without hesitation.
Brian: Well, here we are.

Girl: Aw, well thanks for the ride Brian-

*she begins to exit the car*

Brian: Hey- hey, hey! Not so fast, its ass gas or grass in this car, bitch. And it seems I've got a full tank and plenty of the fine erb, so uhhh... *nods head, indicating genitals*
by BES the best July 03, 2006
The act of regurgitating beef wellington into a british whore's vagina when something particularly drule is said.
After a supple continental breakfast and some shrimp on the barbey, I put on my knickers and gave meredith a well deserved Wellington Chortle; Spot on, she said.
by BES the best July 17, 2006
An exclamation, meaning "No Doubt". Usually said in response to a good suggestion or to confirm a statement.
1. BS: I'm bored as fuck man, we should go get some cold ones.
VB: No Deezy!

2. MA: Fool there's a fat party tonight.
SB: Ooooo, no deezy.

3. RJ: Didn't you nail that chick back in 10th grade?
AP: No Deezy.
by BES the best February 11, 2008
Pissing down the slide of a neighborhood park, or children's play structure, so that the next time the kids go down it they get a nice film of crusty urine all over their trousers. C'mon, you all know you've done it.
I gave those rich bastards a taste of redemption when I tapped a kidney and left their tender gated community a nice little Golden Slide for the children.
by BES the best July 17, 2006
The vagina of a woman with a heinous yeast infection.
Last night I was gunna treat Charlotte to some cunilingus, but that bitches snatch was like a fuckin' bread factory! The curdled ooze from her stench trench could make bread rise.
by BES the best July 17, 2006

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