47 definitions by BEAN

A fat baby
was it called? "Baybay"
by Bean February 19, 2004
what people with real jobs do about 60% of the day;what people with jobs but without a high school diploma do;what someone does when they can't define their occupation.
Usually accompanied with a movement by the first 2 fingers of each hand to show quotation marks

Bob, what are you doing?
Don't bother me, I'm "werking"
by bean February 10, 2003
Medical care for the cattle kind
This cow needs a hot beef injection quickly
by bean March 05, 2003
In relation for video games, someone who uses unfair or repetative methods to win a game.
"Man, you're so cheesy!"
by Bean April 01, 2003
a world unknown either north or south
is it north or south from seattle and do they make their own beer
by bean November 18, 2004
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