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Drug Dealer: One who sells "pac's" of drugs usually crack/cocaine. See Beanie Siegal's album "the truth".
I am the pacman slang more dope then a physician, got those power pellets to fry the sickest mullets.
by Bean January 19, 2005
smelly, squirmy, jumpy, fidgety, lovable, baby Aaron
The monkey made silly noises until the keeper gave him his candy.
by bean June 29, 2004
A mixed drink consisting of peppermint scnapps and ginger-ale.
I'd like 2 icicles please.
by Bean January 27, 2004
relating to, or slang for, the penis.
dude, let go of my shovel
by Bean September 06, 2004
a particularly gay genre of rock and roll where either the song matter or the members of the band are effeminate
marcy playound
by bean February 10, 2003
chicken broth for a soup---european
put some hey in the pot
by bean March 05, 2005
abnormally small limbs and torso but unbeleivably large head and forehead.
The are surprisingly strong they have all the strength of ten men compressed in to their little midget body
look at that midget he is so cute i want to kiss his huge forehead
by bean May 27, 2003

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