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2 definitions by BEA5T

A mexican who dresses like a guido or jersey shore guy. Usually has two or more of the following such as stupid ass haircut, both ears pierced, tight shirts with collars and the sleeves barely even cover the shoulder area, tight girl pants, thinking they are "bad ass" or "get all the girls" type of mind set, always use the word "swag" Always has a pair of sunglasses that look terrible and overly gelled hair.
Marcus:Hey did you see those mexicans?

Joe: Yeah fucking guimos. Need to go back to their snake skin boots with extra long points, big ass belt buckles, and taco hats.

Marcus: Yeah they need to get it straight! There not Italian! why do they need to steal styles, it doesnt get girls.
by BEA5T December 14, 2011
A goalkeeper who only made one good save in the whole world cup but is still looked at by most as "the greatest goalkeeper of all-time" even though he didnt win golden glove
Guy #1: did u see that game?

Guy #2: the game that was 2-0?

Guy #1: ya put that goalkeeper on the losing team was totally Guillermo Ochoa like!
by Bea5t July 19, 2014