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A school in Summit, NJ which rather small but easily out does all other private schools in the area. Seton Hall prep can beat Oratory in a few sports but is mostly made up idiots. Delbarton, is a school not even spoken of in Oratory, because they are too low to even think of. The dances thrown by Oratory are famous for their great DJ's and all the sister schools prefer Oratory's dances over Seton Hall's and Delbarton's. If you were accepted into Oratory you are among the finest men in NJ.

P.S. Did i mention that Oratory beat Delbarton AND Seton Hall Prep in Varsity Soccer this year?
Oratory Kid #1: "Hey, are Bob are you going to our Oratory Prep dance tonight?"
Oratory Kid #2:"Of course I am. Oh God, here come some Seton Hall kids and Delbarton kids.
Seton Hall kid:"Hey fags, hows Oraltory?"
Oratory Kids:"Sorry, gotta go get mad biddies at our dance, later scum."
by BDOG2014*** December 04, 2010

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