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2 definitions by BCR-SHoRTY

1. Zumbo ~ ( thanks to Outdoorlife writer "Jim Zumbo" )

(a) A name usually given to FUDD's who are quisling's to the 2nd Amendment.

(b) Short for "Zumbified, Zumboite, zomboned, or Zumborrhea."

(c) People called or associated with a traitorous act against the 2nd Amendment civil rights of others.

(d) It literally means "dumb ass"
"Dude your such a zumbo."
by BCR-SHoRTY February 26, 2007
77 8
1. Hitlary ~ ( refers to 'Hillary Clinton" )

(a) A nickname given to Hillary Clinton's leftwing socialist agendas.

(b) Coined by the vast rightwing conspiracy.

(c) A term of endearment by 'Hillary Clinton's political enemies."
Hitlary's health care plan for socialized medicine controlled by a centralized federal government takes away choice from the public.
by BCR-SHoRTY February 26, 2007
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