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The carrying out of this extreme natural event is so rare only a few people on the entire planet have had the opportunity to witness its sheer brutal capacity. 'Ducking' Involves that of two ducks going about their daily business, however don't be fooled by the calm and reserved persona of these creatures, as deep within they posses a deep desire to cause pain and misery for that of their own species... When 'ducking' occurs, a male duck grabs the female violently around the neck pulling it into its own control, then submerges the female duck into the murky water beneath in a terrifying vortex of power. The fighting couple re-surface meters from where they entered, and at this point the male duck jumps on top of the shell shocked female duck, engaging in violent and painful humping actions, which can only be described as horrifying. After a few seconds the male duck jumps off and flees to avoid the wrath of an angry hormonal female duck after enduring been 'ducked' and brutally attacked. Just a few minutes after this terrible ordeal the ducks retreat to eating bread and generally floating around aimlessly... The ability of these innocent ducks to cause so much pain illustrates that of sheer beasts , of which should be approached with extreme caution. Overall ducks remain a un-harmful species but must be approached with caution.... Didn't think duck rape was possible?... It is now!
Ducking is a serious cause of over population
by BButcher555 April 03, 2011

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