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No crime in Belfast, aaaahahahahaha.

No seriously are you on about the Belfast in Northern Ireland?? Where the IRA, UVF and LVF are the biggest gangsters in Ireland and the UK, if not Europe? On top of this, there are constant attacks on people and property.

Anyway it’s a city in county Antrim, in the north of Ireland. A fairly nice modern city really but unfortunately it is plagued by paramilitary activity and violent clashes in the working class areas between Nationalists (Irish) and Unionists (British).

Despite "it being about religion", it’s really about British and Irish differences and most of the offenders only see the inside of a church a couple of times a year.

Anyway feel free to visit it; it’s no where near as bad as it used to be, what with the decommissioning of arms happening.

It’s pretty prosperous and wealthy with some nice work being done in the city centre and DOES have lots of cultured and decent people!! ;)
Belfast a nice modern city with the occasional disturbance, nowadays!
by BBt October 17, 2005
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