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If you've watched any popular YouTube videos lately, you might have seen "Co Za Asy" in the comments. It's being posted everywhere, and tons of YouTube users are voting it up. What the heck is Co Za Asy, and what does it mean on YouTube?

Well, it's a Polish phrase that was posted on a FailBlog video of some guys FAILing at moving a couch. Superstar YouTuber Ray William Johnson read some of the Polish comments -- including Co Za Asy -- out loud in a recent video. RWJ's video scored over 4 million views, which was apparently enough to turn Co Za Asy into a meme of its own. It even has a Know Your Meme page.

Google Translate says that "co za asy" translates into "What aces!" In other words, it was probably a sarcastic crack about the failed couch movers. YouTubers now use it as a synonym for "fail," indicating either that a video sucks, or that someone in the video has done something stupid and inept.
You: Hey dude, wtf are you doing with that couch?
Him: Im just.. im just.. oh nooo dammit "CRASH!"
You; just co za asy o.o!
by BBoyNYc March 13, 2011

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